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BannerDrop™ is the ceiling display hoist and banner mounting system that turns empty ceiling space into advertising and promotional revenue at the touch of a button.

Activated by a push button remote control, patented BannerDrop™ raises and lowers commercial banners up to 63kgs into ceilings, domes and other hard-to-reach spaces over 20m high. Then it holds them there level, securely and safe.

No more lifts or lift rentals. No more extensive labour costs. No more insurance issues.

With the push of a button, ads, sponsored messages, and attention-getting announcements are in place, generating revenue. And pull-up banner displays can be replaced just as easily when their cycle is over. BannerDrop™ customers report advertising earnings of $12,000 a month and $1800 in lift rental savings with every changeover.

The BannerDrop™ mechanism is used in in New Zealand & Australia as well as thousands of locations throughout the USA, UK & Canada.

BannerDrop™ innovative mechanical features include solid-state motors, remote control, standard 240V power (or optional battery operation) as well as our patented indexing system to prevent cables from becoming tangled. The sleek, attractive frame can be painted to match ceilings, virtually disappearing from view.

The BannerDrop™ is certified under AS/NZ1418.2 and has been extensively tested showing continued use over a simulated period of 10 years (based on 12 changeovers per annum) has no negative impact on the BannerDrop™ winch system.

Comprehensive engineering, test and installation data is available upon request.



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